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Man Survives 12 Days Lost at Sea [VIDEO]

Veteran fisherman survives 12 days lost on rough seas.

It all started an Thanksgiving day, when Ron Ingram set out on a normal trip. His plans went awry when the weather started getting rough, and his tiny ship, the S.S. Minnow was tossed and dragged out to sea.

His distress signal was heard and the search began, but with no luck the Coast Guard called off the search on Dec. 1. Presuming the worst they called his son Zakary to deliver the bad news.

They told Zakary that with the weak signal they picked up the feared the ship had sunk.

Knowing his father’s character, Zakary told the Coast Guard “I don’t think he’s dead. I don’t feel it.”

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As it turned out, Zakary was right. Nine days, still holding on, Ron decided to give the distress call one last shot. His call did not fall on deaf ears, and the Coast Guard dispatched the nearest ship.

The U.S. Navy destroyer the USS Paul Hamilton found Ingram’s sailboat 64 miles south of Honolulu with Ingram, dehydrated and hungry, but still alive.

With no supplies Ingram relied on his trade to stay alive.

I’m a fisherman, so I caught fish.

And like a true angler, he made sure they didn’t leave without his boat.


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Man Survives 12 Days Lost at Sea [VIDEO]