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23-Year-Old Man Steals 23 Guns From Father, Sells Them All to Cabela's

A 23-year-old from Missouri does the unthinkable and steals his father's guns.

It's a story full of irony. McKenzie R. Joplin of O'Fallon, MO, was recently charged with theft after stealing his father's guns. Reports show that Joplin stole 23 different firearms from his father over the course of several months.

If stealing wasn't bad enough, stealing from family, especially from your father, is a new low. Joplin proceeded to sell each of the stolen guns to his local Cabela's, a place that probably sells many options of gun safes, coughDadcough.

Speaking of dad, we're curious as to why it took 23 guns and three months for dad to report the thefts!

Cabela's buys and sells used guns through its Cabela's Gun Library program. Cabela's representatives are required to ask anyone wishing to sell used firearms if they have legal right to sell the weapon. Joplin signed an agreement stating such in each of the 23 instances.

Over the course of this three-month adventure, the store paid Joplin a total of $4,966. Ironically, that left Joplin $34 short of his $5,000 bail. The crimes also carried a potential seven year prison sentence and a $5,000 fine. We're not sure how Joplin expected to raise funds to cover that fine.

In what may be the worst available punishment for the 23-year-old millennial, Joplin was put on 5 years probation and ordered to live with his parents.

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23-Year-Old Man Steals 23 Guns From Father, Sells Them All to Cabela's