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Man in Truck Snatches Gazelle With One Hand [VIDEO]

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

In this quick one minute video, we see a man hanging off the side of a pickup truck as it drives next to a running gazelle.

The gazelle seems to be running in a straight line, otherwise he might have avoided being captured, but the man is able to reach down and yank up the gazelle by one of his horns.

Check it out…

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There isn’t much information on this video of the man catching the gazelle, so we can only make assumptions about what is taking place.

At the end of the video I noticed there was also a cage in the back of the pickup truck that they were probably going to use for the gazelle.

A form of hunting? Maybe. Wildlife biology study? Could be.

Catching the gazelle to put a tracking device on it? Who knows…

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Man in Truck Snatches Gazelle With One Hand [VIDEO]