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Man Smacks Goose From the Sky Using His Gun Barrel


Now, this is something you don't see every day. Hunter takes down goose with gun... without firing a shot.

Nothing quite beats a good goose hunt when they lock up in your face and allow close shots right in front of your blind. But it's not very often that you can reach out and knock one down with your gun barrel.

These hunters were laying the smack down on some snow goose when an unexpected flyer came in a little closer than usual. With quick reflex and instinct, one of the hunters grasped his gun tightly and gave his best Babe Ruth impression.

With a little swing, the man connects with the bird, leaving him and his buddies with the classic "did that really just happen" laugh.

It is safe to say that he won't get that opportunity again. So good thing he connected.

What is the closest waterfowl encounter you have ever had?

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Man Smacks Goose From the Sky Using His Gun Barrel