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Man Shoots Armadillo and Ricocheted Bullet Hits Mother-In-Law [PICS]

A man shoots and kills an armadillo, but the bullet seemingly had a mind of its own.

This is one you don’t hear every day.

Larry McElroy, a 54-year-old, shot his 9mm pistol at an armadillo. His shot hit the mark and killed the animal. Then things went awry., South Georgia News, Weather, Sports

The bullet ricocheted off the animal, continued through a fence and traveled nearly 100 yards before hitting the mother-in-law’s mobile home. That bullet continued through the back door, then through a reclining chair. That was when the bullet entered 74-year-old Carol Johnson’s back.

Carol Johnson luckily was not seriously injured and was treated at Phoebe North Hospital.

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Authorities are not pressing charges. They do however recommend using traps or a shorter range shotgun when faced with armadillo problems.

In other words, always be careful and follow all safety protocols when shooting at anything.

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Man Shoots Armadillo and Ricocheted Bullet Hits Mother-In-Law [PICS]