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Man Saves Duckling From the Clutches of a Snapping Turtle [VIDEO]

A family man comes across a duckling in trouble, and realizes it isn’t mud that it’s trapped by.

While a man and his family were out walking in a park, they stopped when they realized that a baby duck appeared to be stuck on something underwater.

At first, the man decides to wait and see if the duck can get free on its own before stepping in the muddy water. Once he intervenes, he finds that it’s not the mud that is keeping the duckling away from his mom, but something else…

Regardless of the advice from his wife to poke at the duckling with a stick, the man, also known as Alan, gets into the water to try and free the duckling. The mother duck swims nervously around and even attempts to attack Alan while he is trying to free her crying duckling.

After Alan realizes that the duckling is trapped by the jaws of a snapping turtle, he seems to become even more determined to help this little fellow out. He even gives his wife the death glare and tells her to stop talking. Bold move, Alan. I hope he isn’t in the doghouse for that one!

Once he finally wiggles the duckling free, the mother duck gets even more upset when she thinks he is taking her baby away. He gets away from the snapping turtle, sets down the duckling who then swims quickly back over to mom. Both move away safely and Alan gets out of the water without any missing toes or turtle bites.

Kudos to this outdoor hero for saving the day! It looks like the turtle will just have to find some other daytime snack.

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Man Saves Duckling From the Clutches of a Snapping Turtle [VIDEO]