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Man Saves Coyote from One of Wildlife’s Biggest Enemies: Barbed Wire Fences [VIDEO]

Watch as this guy saves a coyote from the evils of the dreaded barbed wire fence.

Usually it’s not advisable to get this close to a live coyote (just ask Rick Perry), but when help is the number one objective, it’s excusable.

This man decided to take it upon himself to free a coyote stuck a foot or more above the ground in a sharp barbed wire fence, using some quick thinking and a pair of trusty wire cutters.

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Watch with anticipation, as we did, and think about whether or not you would do the same for a predator like this.

WARNING: There’s some strong language towards the end of the video. Viewer discretion advised.

Is it just us, or does that coyote seem extra calm? Perhaps it was more injured than it looked, or maybe it built up a little trust once it realized the human was attempting to help it. The pleas of “Don’t bite me!” could have had an impact too, you never know.

Too bad we couldn’t see the coyote as it dashed off, but the close up of blood drops on the fence posts shown by the cameraman give us a good idea of just how stuck it was.

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And so continues the trend of wildlife getting caught in fences, as we’ve seen moose, deer, and now a coyote captured on film in some sticky situations. Thankfully, each one was helped out of their predicament and appeared to run off not much worse for the wear.

Have you ever helped a wild animal free themselves from a fence or other nuisance? Let us know with a comment below.

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Man Saves Coyote from One of Wildlife’s Biggest Enemies: Barbed Wire Fences [VIDEO]