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Man Saves Dolphin by Physically Carrying It Back to Ocean

carrying it back to the ocean

This video will make your day: a man takes a dolphin’s life in his own hands, quite literally, by carrying it back to the ocean. 

This absolutely amazing story of animal rescue comes to us from Namibia. A kayak instructor managed to find a small dolphin that washed up on shore and rescued it by carrying it back to the ocean.

Naude Dreyer is the owner of a kayaking school in Walvis Bay in the south-western part of Namibia. He was out walking on the beach with his wife when the two saw what appeared to be a baby dolphin completely stranded on the sand. Dreyer’s wife pulled out a camera as he went into action and discovered that the dolphin was still alive.

As you can see from this Daily Mail video, Dreyer was able to literally pick the dolphin up and, by carrying it back to the ocean, hopefully save its life. Dreyer says that the dolphin seemed a little shocked when he first got back in the water but quickly seemed to realize where he was and took off like a bullet. But apparently not before seemingly giving a “thank you” wave to Dreyer with his tail.

Whether the thank you was real or imagined, we can assume that the dolphin is thankful, as are all the people around the world who are able to enjoy the good that Dreyer did by helping to save this dolphin’s life.

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Man Saves Dolphin by Physically Carrying It Back to Ocean