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California Man Wearing Only Underwear Saves Dog from Mountain Lion

mountain lion

A California man's quick actions helped save his beloved pet. 

When a mountain lion grabbed Kirk Fetter's beloved dog Tiki, he had to act quickly to save his pet's life. He acted so quickly, however, he didn't have a chance to dress properly.

Fetter rushed out in only his underwear to try and do something outside of their Placerville, California home. Luckily, the mountain lion let go of the pup when he got close.

Fortunately for Tiki, her owner's quick actions saved her life. She had a few punctures on her head and a cut on her stomach. Fetter had to staple up Tiki's wounds before he could get her to a vet for proper treatment. The 8-year-0ld dog is recovering from the injuries.

Fetter hopes the story of his dog's close call will serve as a reminder to other pet owners to be wary of lions at this time of year. He hopes more owners will consider keeping their pets indoors.

"It's that time of year, the deer are coming down off the mountains and the mountain lions are following them," Fetter told KCRA 3. This is just one of the downsides of living in a secluded area, but we can all admit living slightly off the grid is mostly relaxing.

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California Man Wearing Only Underwear Saves Dog from Mountain Lion