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Man Rescued After Being Adrift in South Pacific for Two Months


This man survived eating fish and seagulls during two months adrift at sea. 

There have been a few amazing ocean survival stories lately and this latest one is no less amazing. The U.S. Coast Guard rescued a man in the Pacific Ocean last week that had been adrift for two months.

Hear the unnamed man speak about his experience surviving on fish and seagulls in the ocean 2,000 miles southeast of Hawaii.

Unfortunately, the man was the sole survivor of a group of four. There aren't a ton of details in the story, but the 29-year-old said they had left Columbia two months earlier and he was the only one to survive the elements on the 23-foot boat.

Luckily, the merchant ship Nikkei Verde ran across the man and rescued him.  "This mariner had great fortitude and is very fortunate the crew Nikkei Verde happened upon him, as the area he was in is not heavily trafficked," said Coast Guard Spokesman John MacKinnon.

The survival story was just the latest to make headlines. Last month three shipwrecked survivors were rescued after three days on a deserted island in the south Pacific. And though it happened last November, news only recently broke about Jeremy Wade, the host of Animal Planet's TV show "River Monsters" and his crew rescuing a castaway from a remote island while filming.


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Man Rescued After Being Adrift in South Pacific for Two Months