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Man Rescued After 66 Days Lost at Sea [VIDEO]


Amazingly, a man lost at sea for 66 days was finally rescued.

Louis Jordan was fishing on his sailboat off the South Carolina Coast when he just disappeared. He had made contact with his father that day which was January 29.

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The 37-year-old took his 35-foot sailboat out that fateful day to find a better fishing place. During his excursion, his boat capsized causing injury to the mast of the vessel, as well as to his shoulder. Due to his physical injury, he was unable to make any repairs to his boat. Everything was broken during the capsize, including all electronics.

Survival became an issue once his food and water were gone. He made attempts at collecting rain water, however, that proved to be difficult most of the time. He eventually was able to collect 25 gallons and a bucket full of rain water. One would think fishing would be an easy task in the middle of the Atlantic, however, this proved to be very difficult as well. It wasn't until he realized he could lure fish while rinsing his clothing, the task became much simpler.

No one would hear from him until he was spotted by a container ship 66 days later and then rescued. Back on land, Louis and his father had much gratitude towards those that rescued him.


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Man Rescued After 66 Days Lost at Sea [VIDEO]