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Man Releases Ohio Record Drum

An Ohio record drum was released without official acknowledgement. reported the details of John Cates of Mansfield, Ohio and his record catch, which ended up not being a record.

Cates caught the drum (also known as a sheepshead), took measurements and the photos you see here, but didn't bother to get official recognition from an Ohio Division of Wildlife biologist.


The all-tackle freshwater drum record in Ohio is 23.5 pounds, 37.125 inches. Cates claimed a 30-pound, 38-inchfish which would have taken the title after it stood for 13 years.

"I'm both a bowhunter and a fisherman, and I respect what I catch and what I keep," Cates said in the piece. "As soon as I caught it, the state record never entered my mind. Just getting it back in the water was what I was concerned about. I figured it was 20 to 25 years old and it deserved to be let go."
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But how does he feel about it after the fact?

"Now I kind of regret letting that fish go," he said.

It's still a great catch and accomplishment, even if it doesn't enter the record books.


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Man Releases Ohio Record Drum