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Man Records Himself Being Attacked by a Fox [VIDEO]

To be attacked by a fox is a rare thing. A fox-attack selfie is in a whole different league. 

A man from Zeewolde, Netherlands was attacked by a fox as he was watching it pace back in forth in front of his neighbors chicken coup.

In a act of pure intelligence, he then decides to pull out his cell phone and see if he can sneak up on the fox without it noticing. Well, apparently this fox didn't take kindly to being sneaked up on.

A Dutch news channel actually covered this story. The person who did the recording, Eduard Plate, is the provincial councillor for a political party in the Netherlands.

Obviously, this fox didn't know who it was messing with. It was dispatched by pest control shortly after the incident. They assumed the fox was sick.

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Man Records Himself Being Attacked by a Fox [VIDEO]