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Man Puts Morel Shaped Like Michigan's Lower Peninsula on Ebay for $10,000


Man jokingly puts morel resembling Great Lakes state on Ebay for $10,000. 

A Michigan man found a morel mushroom shaped like the state's lower peninsula and decided to throw it on Ebay. The price? $10,000.

But the man who found it isn't serious. In fact, Lance Miller put his interesting find on Ebay to get people talking and hopefully a few laughs as well.


"It's a joke," Miller told "It's getting people talking and having fun."

Miller four the interesting-looking morel on May 10, but didn't realize its resemblance to the state until the next day when he got a better look at it at his parent's market. "I said 'Oh, my gosh, look at this thing,'" Miller told "I'm usually on the move when I'm out hunting, so I didn't even see or realize what I had."

Despite the Ebay listing, Miller, who hunts for morels every day of the season, has no plans of selling his unique find. He's not planning to eat it either. He took it back and placed it in his freezer. He wants to figure out a way to preserve the unique find.


While the morel does prove a striking resemblance to Michigan's lower peninsula, you'll probably find more than a few of the state's residents who will argue it's not complete until he finds another resembling the upper peninsula!

Still, if there's someone out there crazy enough to pay it, here's the listing for the interested. If you do happen to buy it, let us know, we'd like to interview you!

Images via MLive.


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Man Puts Morel Shaped Like Michigan's Lower Peninsula on Ebay for $10,000