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Man Punches Cougar in the Face to Save His Dachshund [VIDEO]

All images via CTV Vancouver

A Canadian man gave a cougar a knuckle sandwich to save his miniature Dachshund.

Last week a Vancouver Island man’s miniature Dachshund was attacked by a starving cougar. He courageously freed the dog by punching the wild cat.

Not too many people can say they’ve experienced fisticuffs with a cougar, but this man certainly can.

Thankfully, the dog only suffered from a few small wounds, and will fully recover.

After saving the dog, Hanson grabbed a rifle to scare off the cougar. But after shooting a warning shot, the cougar did not evade the area. In fact, it started making small lunges toward Hanson’s direction. He made the decision to eliminate the cougar.

“It just kept staring at me,” he said. “It only had about 10 feet and it would have been on me, so I had to make that decision unfortunately.”

dead cougar

After reporting the incident to the RCMP and conservation officers, they said they had received many reports of sightings in the area and were tracking the starving cougar.

Experts say the animal was in survival mode and it was likely desperate for a meal. Unfortunately, Hanson’s dog was almost on the menu.

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Man Punches Cougar in the Face to Save His Dachshund [VIDEO]