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Guide Pulls Ice Fishing Prank on Client [VIDEO]

Wisconsin fishing guide Eric Haataja pulled a great ice fishing prank on one of his clients and got the video for us to enjoy.

The video looks like it was shot near the Milwaukee Harbor where Haataja offers ice fishing trips.

In the video, Haataja coaxes his client into thinking he’s hooked a big steelhead. The client gets excited and starts to pull in what he thinks is the big catch of the day. We don’t want to spoil the ice fishing prank, so check out the video to see what happens next.

The fighting steelhead is actually the guy dressed in the black snow suit who’s running around in the distance pulling the line. When the client reels in the line,he discovers a Plano Tackle box with a couple of minnows inside.

Haataja’s client takes the ice fishing prank in stride and laughs off what he thought was going to the big catch of the day.

Want to see more ice fishing tom foolery? Check out this popular video of an ice fishermen riding a gas powered auger

The Milwaukee Harbor rarely freezes over, but smaller harbors and marinas close by do, which provides ample ice fishing spots.

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Guide Pulls Ice Fishing Prank on Client [VIDEO]