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Man on Paddle Board Gets Nasty Surprise from Pod of Manatees [VIDEO]

A paddle boarder gets the surprise of his life when he coasts over a pod of manatees.

Normally when you hear the word "manatee," you think of those goofy, adorable, slow-moving, aquatic elephant-like creatures lazily cruising the brackish waters of Florida.

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But things are not always as the appear on the surface. This particular paddle boarder learns this terrifying lesson the hard way when he thought it would be fun to paddle over a hoard of marauding manatees in shallow water to help himself get more in tune with nature.

Spoiler alert: The plan was not executed well.


It did not take many strokes with the paddle for him to spook the pile of unsuspecting manatees, driving them into a tail-slamming spectacle, all while throwing the man off his board and into the tens of thousands of pounds of thrashing blubber.

Luckily it appears that this man escaped unscathed (somehow) but it goes to show that even the most gentle of the lettuce-eating giants can easily overpower any potential threats that present themselves.

Bet next time you run your jon boat or wade up to some slow-moving manatees, you will think twice before getting too close.


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Man on Paddle Board Gets Nasty Surprise from Pod of Manatees [VIDEO]