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Man Needs to Get Up Close to Free Locked-Up Bucks [VIDEO]

Sometimes when you stumble upon an unexpected situation you have to get up close to help, like this man when he frees these locked-up bucks.

Those who spend time in the woods know that while it does happen, getting to see two bucks actually fight and lock antlers in the wild is a rarity. What is even more rare is finding two bucks locked up long after they actually intended to be.

We have seen a few videos of people freeing locked-up bucks, some in very creative ways, but this guy decides to do it the old-fashioned way and gets up close to free up these bucks.

This is definitely not the safest way to go about separating two mature bucks who are still quite alive. But, it does seem to work; in the end both deer are able to dart away to go and recover at their own leisure.

Remember, if you do happen to stumble across any locked-up bucks this season make sure to free them safely, and when you video it, turn the camera horizontally.

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Man Needs to Get Up Close to Free Locked-Up Bucks [VIDEO]