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Man Nearly Loses Hand Feeding a 300-Pound Grouper

Hand feeding 300 lbs grouper

Hand feeding a 300-pound grouper may be exciting, but it is a good way to lose a hand.

Groupers can grow to be goliath fish, as this man found out.

Leaning over the side of a boat, he nearly loses his hand feeding 300-pound grouper.

The teeth of grouper are more for holding their pray then cutting or slashing like the teeth of a barracuda or shark. There have been several cases of bites on hands that result in the removal of the skin from the wrist to the fingers, which then became severally infected.

So you will not lose the hand to the fish, but rather to the infection if not properly treated.

Sounds even worse if you ask me.

You may enjoy hand feeding 300+ lbs grouper, but I will continue using more traditional bait and a hook.


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Man Nearly Loses Hand Feeding a 300-Pound Grouper