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GRAPHIC: Man Loses Nose Attempting Stunt With Sword

I smell something really bad about to happen, but this guy won't be smelling anything for a while.

Knives are sharp and dangerous, even when handled without care. That is why you always heard your parents say, "Don't play with knives; they're not toys."

Well...these guys didn't take that advice to heart, and the only thing that might be more dangerous than playing with a knife is playing with a sword. Combine a few beers, a party cheering you on, a big sword, a sausage and your buddy attempting to chop it out of your mouth.

I mean, what could go wrong?

Th short answer: a lot.


With one swift motion of his buddy's arms, this guy's nose folds over like a peeled banana peel. It's actually rather disturbing.

You can't help but wonder what they were thinking. Hope he didn't mind having his sense of smell cut off for the rest of his life.

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GRAPHIC: Man Loses Nose Attempting Stunt With Sword