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Crazy Aussie Escapes Sharks by Climbing on Dead Whale [VIDEO]

This man in Western Australia decided that he needed to climb on this dead whale carcass, to escape sharks circling the body.

I’m sure we all have a few things that we regret doing. For most of us that list does not include things like jumping into shark infested waters to climb onto a floating dead whale carcass.

For one man it does, and fortunately for him, he is alive to regret his decision.

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I’m not sure how he didn’t notice the sharks circling the dead whale, and why he even wanted to climb up on what looks like a giant hole in the side of the dead whale but at least he survived to know that it was a bad decision.

That whale must have smelled terrible.


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Crazy Aussie Escapes Sharks by Climbing on Dead Whale [VIDEO]