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Man Invites Entire Deer Herd for Breakfast [VIDEO]

This deer herd comes to the table for a nice family breakfast. 

This odd video takes place in Texas. A man and woman enjoy eating breakfast with an entire herd of deer. The deer even had their own plates to chow on some food at the outdoor table.

Watch this deer herd help themselves at the breakfast table.


The fact that the man moves the food bowl away from the deer is actually pretty comical. Maybe the deer have had a little more than their fair share of breakfast.

The back of a truck has a website for a ranch. I’m not sure if the deer are free-roaming deer or if the video takes place on a farm. Regardless, it’s impressive that the deer are that tame and well-behaved.

My family has a deer farm and I could never imagine sitting down and having breakfast with that many deer. That is one heck of a tame deer herd!

Will they sit down for dinner next? Maybe, these deer look like an extension of the family.

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Man Invites Entire Deer Herd for Breakfast [VIDEO]