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Man Invents Bait That is Dangerously Effective

What if your bait could catch fish without even putting it in the water?

That’s exactly what this humble fisherman claims to have invented; a bait that’s so effective, it’s even a little dangerous.

He admits it sounds like a fishing tale. He’s right – it does. But you won’t believe what happens with this fishing bait when they get out on the water.

Check it out below.

Pretty remarkable, right?! Alright, maybe you caught onto where that video was going.

It looks like this fisherman heads out onto a waterway infested with invasive silver carp (also known as Asian carp due to their origin). They are referred to as flying carp for their peculiar habit of leaping out of the water, particularly as boats cruise past.

Unfortunately, that has proven to be quite dangerous to boaters since they can reach up to 55 inches long and weigh nearly 100 pounds. Imagine cruising along a in the water at 15 to 20 miles per hour and having a 50-pound fish meet with your face. The outcome isn’t pretty.

While his fishing bait appears to be mostly de-bunked, you have to wonder a little. Look at that video one more time (right around the 0:50-second mark). As soon as he holds up the paper bag of his magic bait, a giant fish slams into his face, which is located right near his bait.

Maybe he’s not telling a fishing tale after all?

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Man Invents Bait That is Dangerously Effective