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Man Helps Dead Shark Give Birth [VIDEO]

You need to see this dead shark give birth to 3 healthy young.

Some lucky beach goers in Cape Town, South Africa were able to witness a dead shark give birth last week thanks to one good samaritan.

Lucky for us, someone was filming when the remarkable feat occurred. See what the man did to help the dead shark give birth.

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Most people would do no more than snap a quick picture if they saw a dead shark on the beach. But luckily for the three babies, at least one man was willing to do more. As soon as he noticed the shark moving he started performing an emergency c-section to help the dead shark give birth.

This is some amazing footage and an awesome story. That this guy was willing to help and actually had enough knowledge to get the job done and help the dead shark give birth is incredible.

Hopefully this will give him some good karma with sharks in the future.

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Man Helps Dead Shark Give Birth [VIDEO]