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This Man Gets an Owl out of His Kitchen and It’s Hilarious [VIDEO]

Watch as this man gives a trapped owl a suspenseful ride out of the kitchen on his Swiffer Sweeper.

Colton Wright, now known as “The Owl Whisperer,” had a somewhat scary surprise waiting for him in his kitchen one evening when he returned home.

At first, he casually walks up to the owl and has what some may call a bit of a “freak out.”

In a post to YouTube, Wright claims that he was hysterical for about 40 minutes before gathering up enough courage to perch the owl on top of his Swiffer Sweeper. He gently gets the owl to hop on board the Swiffer-Mobile and gently eases him towards the window.

After yelling a few more profanities and dealing with some major death stares from the owl, he manages to shove it out of his kitchen window with all body parts still intact.

A couple of good things came from this experience. The owl got safely back to the outdoors and Swiffer just landed a customer for life.

You never know when you’ll need your sweeper to remove wildlife from your home.

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This Man Gets an Owl out of His Kitchen and It’s Hilarious [VIDEO]