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Man Gets Kicked Out of IKEA for Open Carry

Apparently IKEA has a no open carry policy. The Yankee Marshal found out the hard way.

Some states in our great nation allow open carry. Just because a state government allows open carry, doesn't mean that all the organizations and companies within the state do though.

IKEA happens to be one of those places. This man was going through another not so exciting day of his life as he says and made a trip to town. After stopping by his favorite Japanese restaurant and running to the vet for his dogs medication, he stopped into IKEA to check the store out.

As he worked his way around the store, he noticed a few employees eying him and saw a few whispers spoke to each other. Soon after that a young, small, and timid worker made his way over to break the bad news.

The young man was polite, and kindly told the man that it was policy and that he needed to leave or take his gun to his vehicle. So the man shot him. Just kidding, he obliged to the rules and kindly discussed the matter with the young man. It just so happened that the young man was actually thinking about buying a gun himself.

This is a great example of how things like this can be handled. As a gun owner, the man definitely didn't agree with the policy to not have open carry in the store, but he respected the policy and the employee.

The employee is just doing his job, so there is no reason to take out anger on him because of a corporate decision.

Have you ever had a similar situation like this happen to you?


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Man Gets Kicked Out of IKEA for Open Carry