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Man Free Climbs Giant Redwood Tree in the Name of Science [VIDEO]

giant redwood

If you thought free climbing cliffs was crazy, wait until you see this guy free climb a giant redwood.

It takes a true daredevil to have the desire to become a free climber. The risk of falling is high, but the adrenaline rush is even higher.

Free climbing is generally done on cliffs and rock faces that provide solid hand and foot holds. However, one free climber recently took to the trees and climbed the side of a giant redwood using only his hands and feet.

The free climb took place not only to test the climber's skill, but also for the aid of science. Red Bull athlete Chris Sharma wanted to return to his climbing roots and help scientists collect valuable tree data at all time.

He has a harness and a rope to save him from falls, but the climbing is all Sharma. It is very impressive to say the least.

The giant redwood trees of coastal California are some of the most magnificent living things on Earth. Their immense size is truly stunning.

Sharma is probably the first person to ever free climb one of the mighty trees and he is sure to not soon forget it!

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Man Free Climbs Giant Redwood Tree in the Name of Science [VIDEO]