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Man Freaks out, Flips Kayak When Snake is Thrown on His Chest

This guy may want to find new friends. Would you keep your kayak afloat if this happened to you? You’ve seen snakes on a plane, and now you’ve seen snakes on a kayak.

Snakes are something that many people just flat out despise. Then there is many who like to watch snakes from afar, as long as they see the snake first.

Then there are a few crazy people who like to catch them. But you would be hard pressed to find anyone who enjoyed having a snake thrown on their chest.

While kayaking the beautiful Jacks Fork River in Eminence, Missouri, this guy got all he could take of a slithery snake. Knowing he wasn’t the biggest fan of snakes, his buddy cornered him along the river bank and delivered a special package right on his chest.

We are not real sure who flopped more. The snake trying to find its way back to the water or the man on the kayak flailing his arms in fear because a snake was literally inches from his face.

After losing his balance, the man tipped his kayak and went for a quick swim while his buddies laugh hysterically. I mean, what are friends for? Good pranks always spice up the moment and leave stories that will last a lifetime.

It is important to note that if you plan on catching snakes or executing pranks with them, it is crucial to know your snake identification so you don’t harm yourself or anyone else with a venomous snake.


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Man Freaks out, Flips Kayak When Snake is Thrown on His Chest