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Man Fights off Wild Leopard with a Stick [VIDEO]

Somedays it’s better to be lucky than talented. Especially when fighting off a wild leopard. 

A watchman for the village of Madhya Pradesh, located in India, was doing his job taking care of the good folks of his village when a wild leopard strayed a little too close. The man, known only as Balram, grabbed a stick and began attacking the big cat.

As you will see in this video posted by the NewsChannel and covered by the First Post, you will see villagers standing by video taping the incident. Shockingly, not one single villager comes to the aid of Balram to assist in driving the cat away.

If I can think of one of the worst ways on this planet to kick the bucket, it would have to be by way of an angry cat. Luckily, Balram will get to live on to fight another cat another day for the people of his village. However, after seeing how many flocked to his side, maybe he won’t want too.

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Man Fights off Wild Leopard with a Stick [VIDEO]