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Man Falls Overboard While Releasing Shark

There are many ways to correctly release a shark but we wouldn't call this one of them.

Although there may be many different opinions when it comes to shark fishing, the one rule we can all agree upon is to avoid getting in the water with the shark.

This formerly lucky fisherman threw the rule book to the wind, however, when he failed to respect his center of gravity while releasing a thresher shark.

With the battle won all that is left to do for this fisherman is a quick hero shot, followed by a high five or fist bump, and ride the swells of pride back to the dock. Couldn't be easier right?

Unfortunately, remaining vertical on a boat deck takes a little art, science, and good fortune, none of which were in the cards for this fisherman. As the boat dips in to his weight the fisherman makes one last attempt at a balancing routine, holding himself vertical but inverted, before splashing in to sea.

Luckily for him the only thing damaged may have been his pride. And as we all know, that heals quickly.


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Man Falls Overboard While Releasing Shark