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Man to be Eaten Alive by Anaconda on TV Special [VIDEO]

Discovery will be filming a man in a "snakeproof suit" being swallowed by an anaconda in an upcoming TV special.

You read that right. Some guy is willing to be entirely consumed by a snake.

All in the name of science...

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The Discovery Channel has filmed men hunting Bigfoot, tightrope-walking the Grand Canyon, and being nude in survival situations. And now, in a terrifying bid for ratings, Discovery will be apparently showing naturalist Paul Rosolie being swallowed whole by an anaconda.

The special, entitled Eaten Alive, will have Rosolie wearing a custom-built snake-proof suit to supposedly protect him from harm.

There are no real details on how the medieval armor-looking snakeproof suit works, or how Rosolie plans to get out, but one can anticipate the worst. If things go bad, this can end up looking a lot like the last Jon Voight scene from Anaconda.

Also, no word if Sir Mix-A-Lot will be providing the soundtrack for this experiment, although if not, that's a huge missed opportunity.

In all seriousness, considering the anaconda actually constricts it prey before it eats it, this experiment isn't likely to involve a live snake entirely swallowing a human. If it was, the snake would probably have to die just to retrieve Rosolie, which would mean a even more horrifying experience for the naturalist:  having to deal with PETA afterwards.

The show will premier Dec. 7., but let's hope it doesn't prove too popular. If so, some poor sap will likely have to be swallowed by a Great White come Shark Week next year.

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Man to be Eaten Alive by Anaconda on TV Special [VIDEO]