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Man Delivers Fawn from Road-Killed Mother Via C-Section


Man performs emergency roadside C-section to save a fawn’s life in British Columbia. 

A couple who stopped after seeing another vehicle strike a deer, ended up performing a crude roadside C-section on the animal to save her fawn’s life last Friday.

Sean Steele and his wife were on vacation on the way to Prince Rupert British Columbia from their Alberta home when they stopped to help after the pickup in front of them struck the doe on Highway 16.

It was immediately obvious to Steele the doe was not going to survive the crash, so he pulled out his knife to end the animal’s misery. But there was still life in the doe’s lifeless body. To Steele’s surprise, the unborn fawn was twitching inside its mother.

Thinking quickly, they decided to do something to try and save the fawn’s life. “We saw the fawn’s legs hanging out. We just did a caesarean on her,” Steele told CBC News. “On the side of the road, I cut the doe open and pulled her fawn out.”

CBC News

But the fawn wasn’t out of the woods yet. Steele had to act quickly to make sure the animal survived. “I cleaned out its mouth, put some grass in its nose so it would sneeze and get all the crap out of it,” he told the news station. “It started breathing.”

After calling some wildlife officials to get some advice, the couple drove the fawn about 70 miles to the Northern Lights Wildlife Society refuge located in Smithers, British Columbia.


Steele and his family named the fawn Friday for the day it was born and it is now being raised at the sanctuary. “We are happy to report that the fawn seems to be unharmed and is drinking her bottle like a champion,” the sanctuary wrote in a Facebook post.

It seems the fawn is really lucky Steele happened along and had an idea of what to do. “I have lots of experience with animals,” Steele told CBC News. “I hunt and fish. Used to chasing deer around the bush. Milked cows for 20 years.”

Yesterday the sanctuary posted additional photos of Friday online. She was moved to an outside enclosure along with another orphaned male fawn.



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Man Delivers Fawn from Road-Killed Mother Via C-Section