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Man Cracks Safe with Elephant Gun, Check out What He Finds Inside [VIDEO]

This man bought a safe at a garage sale that he couldn’t open. Watch as he cracks the safe with his elephant gun to find out what was in it.

Though it is on the light end of the “elephant gun” spectrum, the 9.3x62mm Mauser is still a pretty potent cartridge and really does a number on this safe, cracking it with ease.

Check out the penetration from those 285gr soft points!

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Now you can add safe-cracking to the list of tasks that elephant guns can accomplish, along with hunting hogs and shooting down trees.

While an elephant gun wouldn’t be my first choice for a tool to open a safe (look what that bullet did to some of the papers in it), it does quite a job.

Who knows what the documents he found in the safe were worth, but the act of cracking the safe with an elephant gun itself was probably well worth the 75 cents that he paid for it at the garage sale.

Even though it is on the light side for dangerous game, many Cape buffalo and elephant have fallen to the 9.3x62mm Mauser over the years and I’m a big fan of the cartridge myself.

I’m not sure it would do quite a number on a charging bear though…

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Man Cracks Safe with Elephant Gun, Check out What He Finds Inside [VIDEO]