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Man Charged By 707-Pound Hog Had One Shot Left [VIDEO]

“I can’t even describe how fast he was moving.”

Bruce Florence was hunting with his son Jonathan in Transylvania County, NC when they encountered a seven foot long, 707-pound wild boar running right at them.

The big boar charged at Bruce and at the last minute made a turn, and with only one round in his gun, Bruce made an accurate shot right behind the shoulder, and the massive pig went down after only about 20 yards.

“He run straight at me, and when he turned I shot him in the heart behind his plate. He went twenty yards and went down.”

Watch the news report from the local ABC news station.


Bruce said this huge pig had four-inch cutters, but looked more like bear than a pig when they first saw it.

Hog hunting can be dangerous, especially when you encounter a wild boar this size, with cutters that can shred you open as quick as a razor blade. It’s times like this when you have to make the shot count, and thankfully for Bruce and his son, he did.

… and they will have plenty of pork to eat for the freezer!

“Last Saturday morning I ate tenderloin at 9:00 a.m., and by Saturday afternoon I was eating sausage,” Bruce said. Sounds good to us.

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Man Charged By 707-Pound Hog Had One Shot Left [VIDEO]