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Man Catches New Missouri State Record Spotted Bass on Jugline Without Realizing It

spotted bass
Democrat Gazette

This spotted bass is a new record in the alternative methods category. 

Missouri has a new state record spotted bass for an alternative method of angling and the man who caught it almost released it without realizing what he'd done.

Jason Reynolds was fishing for catfish on Truman Lake with a jug line on May 11 when he caught 2 pound, 11 ounce spot while using a bluegill as bait. Reynolds' fish was almost released and completely unknown to history if not for the way the fish was hooked.

"I almost released the fish right after I got it in the boat, but I didn't because it was hooked in the gills and I wanted to make sure it was going to live before I released it," Reynolds told the Democrat Gazette.

He took the fish to Missouri Department of Conservation staff in the hopes they could nurse the injured fish back to health.  It was only then, after the fish was weighed on a certified scale, Reynolds was informed of his accomplishment.

"I really can't believe I caught a state record fish," Reynolds said.

Unfortunately the fish did not survive the ordeal and so he plans to have it mounted. Most anglers probably don't realize Missouri has an alternative category for fishing records. Besides jug fishing, trotlines, limb lines, bank lines, throwlines, spearfishing, snagging, snaring, gigging, grabbing, archery, and atlatl are other categories.

If someone is looking for another way to get their name in Missouri's fishing records, it would seem the alternative category opens up a lot of options. Reynolds certainly wasn't expecting his record catch.

"I have fished all my life and caught some pretty nice fish, but I would have never thought I would have a state-record with my name on it," Reynolds said.


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Man Catches New Missouri State Record Spotted Bass on Jugline Without Realizing It