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Man Catches Giant Anaconda After it Eats Neighbor’s Dog [VIDEO]

giant anaconda eats neighbor's dog

What do you do when a giant anaconda eats your neighbor’s dog? You go in the water after it of course. Check out the video to see what happened next.

After a neighbor’s dog gets eaten by the resident giant anaconda, there is only one sensible thing to do . . . go in the water after it.

At least if you are Sébastien Bascoulès, and you grew up in the Amazon. Bascoulès, who has been handling reptiles his entire life, did not go after the snake to kill it; he simply wanted to relocate the serpent to a more suitable location.

You have to love how calm Bascoulès is when he grabs the giant anaconda by the head and realizes that it is much, much larger than he anticipated. He simply asks a friend to join him in his attempt to get the giant out of the water and up on land.

And since he is such a conversationalist, Bascoulès takes the snake home to keep in the bathtub overnight so that he can relocate it to a more suitable habitat, far away from human interaction the next day.

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Man Catches Giant Anaconda After it Eats Neighbor’s Dog [VIDEO]