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Man Catches a Fish with a Lego [VIDEO]

Adults everywhere have a new excuse to break out their Lego set from childhood.

It turns out the toy blocks are a surprisingly effective lure for reeling in fish.

Proving that you can build just about anything with Legos, this angler snaps a treble hook on to one of the yellow blocks, casts out his line, and after less than a minute, manages to get a bite from a sizable trout.

He’s shocked enough to unleash a few curse words, so as a heads up, know this video contains some NSFW language. To be fair, the fisherman’s YouTube handle is Swearin’ Sailor.

Seasoned anglers who have caught fish on everything from soap to cigarette butts might be only mildly surprised at the successful use of a Lego. Hungry fish, especially the speckled trout that this fisherman caught, will often go after just about anything. Or maybe that trout was just missing that piece for the new Lego set it’s putting together.I would say this is a cheap alternative to pricey lures, but have you seen the cost of Legos lately? Still, it’d be fun to try out new colors and configurations of Lego lures on fish who might be bored of the typical bait.

So if you’re willing to spare a couple of old Legos, or are just sick of constantly stepping on the ones your kid leaves on the floor, try tossing a few in the tackle box and giving this custom-built lure a spin the next time you’re on the water.

If the fish aren’t biting, at least you’ll have a few Legos to build something with to help pass the time.

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Man Catches a Fish with a Lego [VIDEO]