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Man Catches Conjoined Fish in Southern China

conjoined twins
Daily Mail

You have to see these strange conjoined twins caught in Southern China.

Have you ever heard of conjoined twins happening in fish? It appears it may have happened in China. A fisherman from southern China's Da Ling Peng Bai Village caught a very strange Nile tilapia that has the whole town talking.

The Daily Mail reports the conjoined twins came out of a pond roughly a year after the fisherman introduced the fish there as fry. He had originally planned on making dinner of the tilapia when he noticed the odd extra growth that appears to be another fish.

This kind of fish is so rare to see, even an expert was surprised. "I have not seen this before, so assume it rather rare," University of Bristol's Dr. Martin Genner told the Daily Mail. "I would expect survivorship of such fish to be very low indeed."

This is one of the strangest fish we've ever seen for sure. Have you ever come across this strange and rare sight while fishing?


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Man Catches Conjoined Fish in Southern China