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Man Breaks Record for Fastest Appalachian Trail Hike

Appalachian Trail
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A marathon runner breaks fastest Appalachian Trail completion by three hours.

Scott Jurek is an ultramarathon runner who holds the record for the most miles ever ran (165.7) in 24 hours. On July 12, he added another record to his repertoire with the fastest completion of the Appalachian Trail in history.

Jurek started his trek on May 27 at Springer Mountain in Georgia. He ran the entire length of the trail, 2,189 miles, averaging 49.4 miles per day. He reached Karahdin’s Baxter Peak on Sunday around 2 p.m. finishing his trip in 46 days, 8 hours, and 8 minutes.

He celebrated his victory by kissing his wife as he popped the cork on a bottle of champagne atop the peak.

The previous record was held by Jennifer Davis who completed it in 46 days, 11 hours, and 20 minutes back in 2011.

He would have finished his run even earlier but several issues hindered his trip. Seven days in, he suffered a slight knee injury as well as dealt with some of the worst heat and rain various states he passed through have seen in years.

This being the first time he had ever been on the Appalachian Trail, the Brooks Running Company, who sponsored the run, were impressed how he handled everything.

Jesse Williams, Brooks Marketing Manager said, “We are so proud of Scott. He pushes his body to greater limits with each new adventure and he sets out to inspire runners along the way. Whether it’s the Western States 100, Badwater or the Appalachian Trail, Scott is always going to do something special.”

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Man Breaks Record for Fastest Appalachian Trail Hike