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Man Breaks Antler to Save a Deer [VIDEO]

break deer
Image via Screenshot

These guys go out of their way to save a deer, but they end up breaking him in the process.

These guys found a buck with his antlers trapped in a downed tree. They initally left him, assuming he would work his way out on his own, but after almost two days they decided they needed to step in to save the deer.

So, very carefully, they work as a team to try to grab the deer’s antlers and force them out of the brush to free the trapped buck.

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Since we are not sure exactly sure when this video was taken, we can only assume that the antler was close to shedding anyway. With some of the buck fights we have seen, I can’t imagine a man having the strength to break off an antler that easily.

Even with the loss of an antler, this is one buck that is lucky to survive. Hopefully he learned his lesson and picks a better tree to rub next year.

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Man Breaks Antler to Save a Deer [VIDEO]