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Man in Bear Suit Harasses Sows in Bizarre Story From Alaska


Man donned in full bear suit harassed sow and her cubs as they tried to feed on salmon in river.

Authorities are currently looking for the person who harassed a sow with her two cubs Monday dressed in a very realistic bear suit.

The incident took place at the Chilkoot River near Haines, Alaska as crowds gathered near a weir where the mother and cubs often come to feed on salmon. The man in the bear suit bolted through the crowd and towards the bears.

He jumped up and down, yelling at them as he got within 10 feet of the cubs. That was when Alaskan Fish and Game Technician Lou Cenicola quickly shooed the sow away and confronted the man.

He refused to identify himself to Cenicola as he got in his car still wearing the suit. The man was reported saying, "You have the license plate number. You figure it out," before driving away.

Wildlife Officials reported the incident to state troopers with the vehicle's license plate number who are currently investigating the strange event.

"If warranted, the man could face wildlife harassment charges," said investigating spokeswoman Megan Peters.

This is not the first issue state troopers have had with someone in a bear suit. Troopers arrested a man dressed in a bear suit a few years ago for attempting to deal drugs at a fair in Gridwood, Alaska. It was televised on National Geographic's Alaska State Troopers.

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Man in Bear Suit Harasses Sows in Bizarre Story From Alaska