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Man Barely Escapes Getting Pulled Overboard by Giant Grouper

It's all fun and games until you get pulled overboard. 

Who doesn't love videos of people catching giant groupers? What about people getting pulled overboard by giant groupers?

These mammoth fish grow to incredible sizes and have a fighting power greater than most fish in the sea. As a matter of fact, I'm surprised more people aren't pulled overboard by these fish a little more often.

For example, check out the guy in this video. He's just laughing away while reeling in a giant grouper, when all of sudden one big kick of the fish's tail sends him into the water. Luckily, his buddies were there to pull him back in!

Just imagine that fish pulling you down to the bottom of the ocean. Hopefully the guy would have unlatched his belt, but at least for time being, that would have been a frightening experience.

Good thing for the fisherman he had the ability to regain his composure and get that fish to the side of boat. I know that after a trip in the drink like that, he was probably ready to hand the rod off.

Unfortunatley for that fisherman, it was all caught on tape for us to laugh at.

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Man Barely Escapes Getting Pulled Overboard by Giant Grouper