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Man Attacked by Shark Seeks Revenge in Form of Shark Filet

Palm Beach Post

Isn’t it ironic how revenge works? One minute you’re the sharks dinner, the next they’re yours.

Allen Engelman is local commercial fisherman who naturally enjoys being on the water during his off-time. As he was laying on his surfboard this past weekend, the worst possible feeling hit him in the left hand and pulled him into the water.

But don’t count him out just yet, this shark fight is just beginning.

Letting go of Engelman’s hand was definitely that sharks worst mistake. As Engelman said “Now that we got the shark that bit my hand, we’re going to fillet him and eat him,” which were words that sharks never thought they’d hear.

Though the presence of sharks is extremely common off the coast of Florida, attacks within Palm Beach County are typically quite rare. Sunday’s choppy waters and blowing gusts of wind up to 30mph may have contributed to Engelman’s attack, as it’s thought that schools of baitfish may have been pushed toward shore and cloudy visibility caused the shark to misidentify their victim. Since 1931, there have been 67 reported shark attack incidents in Palm Beach County, none of which were fatal.

According to Lt. Tom Haworth of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, there are 25 species of shark that are illegal to kill. Fortunately for Engelman, spinner sharks are alright to be harvested as long as they are at least 54 inches in length from nose to tail.

Hopefully Allen Engelman’s actions are heard throughout the shark world: mess with the wrong swimmer and pay the price.

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Man Attacked by Shark Seeks Revenge in Form of Shark Filet