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Man Accused of Attempted Murder with a Rattlesnake [VIDEO]

An Arizona man is accused of attempting to murder victim with a rattlesnake.

We’ve heard plenty of odd stories before, but this one has got to be up there.

An Arizona man, who has been identified as Nathaniel Buck Harrison, thought outside of the box in terms of how he was going to seek revenge on the “rat who sent him to jail.” Though he was armed with a .45 caliber pistol, Harrison decided to use a different weapon; a rattlesnake.

I’m sure he thought this was clever. I mean, the victim was the “rat who turned him in” and rattlesnakes eat rats, right? Fortunately for the victim, that logic didn’t work out the way Mr. Harrison had planned.

Police say that Harrison broke into the victim’s home and accused him of snitching. Harrison then struck the victim over the head with a board and allegedly threatened to kill him while trying to coerce the snake into biting him.

When the snake refused to bite, Harrison pulled his gun and shot a round into a nearby speaker. Police were already on their way to the mobile home park.

Manager Suzie Riddell says she has seen enough of Nathaniel Harrison, who has displayed a history of violence with other residents on her property.

“He was going to throw a hornet on some disabled guy. He cut off a dog’s toe for barking,” Riddell told WJBF News.

Harrison was booked into Pinal County Jail on suspicion of charges including endangerment, aggravated assault, threatening and intimidating. Because of the nature of the weapon used, it is possible he will also face attempted murder charges.

The snake was captured and released back into the wild.

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Man Accused of Attempted Murder with a Rattlesnake [VIDEO]