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Mammoth Tusk Discovered During Fly Fishing Expedition

Jako Lucas/Capt. Jack Films

Expert guide Jako Lucas stumbled across this mammoth tusk during a recent fly fishing expedition in Siberia.

Jako Lucas, founder of Capt. Jack Films, is a world renown fly fishing guide and is always pushing the limits when it come to fly fishing travel and expeditions. On his recent excursion to an area deep in Rok Lustrik, Jako’s friend, uncovered this massive mammoth tusk.

Believe it or not, Jako told me that this is not the first time they has found a tusk while fly fishing.

“I have seen a couple before and we actually have a few in our camp in Mongolia. So when I saw it I immediately knew that it was a mammoth tusk,” explained Jako.

“There is a lot of erosion and the tusk was just lying in the open. We were all amazed and knew that this was not an everyday thing, ” says Jako.

While they have stumbled upon tusks before, this one appeared to be in very good condition. Jako told me that the team decided to give the tusk to Ilya Sherbovich, the owner of the Ponoi River Company. Sherbovich is one of the largest supporters of Atlantic salmon and is reportedly doing huge things for the fisheries in Russia. The tusk will most likely be displayed inside his lodge.

For those of you who think you can just walk around Siberia and casually find mammoth tusks, that is not necessarily the case.

Jako and his team had to take two different chartered flights from Moscow, then sail a mothership up a “secret river” just to board a two-hour helicopter ride until they reached the remote waterway where the tusk was found. As Jako said while describing the location, “There is no one!”

If you would like to learn more about Jako and his expedition films, be sure to check out Capt. Jack Films on Facebook.



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Mammoth Tusk Discovered During Fly Fishing Expedition