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Mammoth Python Caught in Florida Everglades is Second Largest Ever [PICS]

CBS Miami

A giant Burmese python caught in the Florida Everglades looks to be the second largest invasive python ever captured.

A permitted python researcher working in the Everglades National Park captured a giant Burmese python that measured 18 feet, 3 inches which is only four inches smaller than the previous record snake.


Burmese pythons are maybe the most invasive species that now roam freely in the state of Florida.

The highly predatory reptile is capable of hunting and killing most anything it can catch, including deer and even alligators.

These snakes are capable of reaching enormous proportions and appear to be wiping out many of the small mammals that call the Everglades home.

Once the snake was captured, National Park and U.S. Geological Survey interns were allowed to handle the reptile to gain experience with the animals. Park spokeswoman Linda Friar was quoted as saying that the python was given a routine and humane euthanization.

Officials in the state of Florida have looked into trapping, training dogs to sniff out the creatures, and even a controlled amateur hunt to curb python populations.

Photo by USGS via CBS Miami

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Mammoth Python Caught in Florida Everglades is Second Largest Ever [PICS]