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Mama Rat Gives Snake a Ferocious Beat Down to Save Her Baby

Mama Rat Gives Snake A Ferocious Beat Down To Save Her Baby

Watch this mama rat give a marauding snake the beat down of a lifetime in order to save her baby. What would you have done in this situation?

In a video reminiscent of one taken last year of a mother rabbit attacking a snake in an effort to save her baby, a person managed to capture this stunning video of a mama rat chasing down and attacking a snake that was making off with her baby.

There is an old saying warning people not to get between a mother bear and her cubs. Well, this snake learned that apparently the same thing applies to mother rats as well.

Watch the video to see that mama rat chase down the snake and give it all the fight it could handle and more.

As you can see, the baby rat was still alive and managed to escape with its mother after the snake released it. It is unknown if the baby rat survived for long after that. However, if it died, it certainly wasn't from lack of trying from the mother.

If you would have seen this confrontation play out in front of you, what would you have done? Would you have intervened on behalf of the rat or the snake? Or would you have let the fight play out like the person who took the video?

Either way you look at it though, this was certainly a fascinating and extremely rare encounter to see in person. That just goes to show you the incredible drive to protect their young that animals have ingrained in them.

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Mama Rat Gives Snake a Ferocious Beat Down to Save Her Baby