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Mama Raccoon Wrestles Her Kits into the Den

When you're a mother raccoon with a brood full of kits, you've got your paws full. Watch as this mama tries to wrangle all of her kids into a tree den.

This mother raccoon has a brood of very obedient children. They follow her right up the tree and into the den.

She carries the first little stinker by the scruff of his neck into their tree house, so maybe he was the naughty one.

Then one of the little raccoons gets hung up for a moment on a shaky, unstable limb. The guys with the camera urge him to hang on, as his mama reaches out to give him a little hand and get him safely inside. Then one climbs up past the hole and she patiently or not so patiently (who knows what a raccoon is thinking?) gets him re-oriented.

Whatever the case, it's pretty clear that as well trained as are these kits, she has her hands full in keeping everyone together.

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Mama Raccoon Wrestles Her Kits into the Den