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Mama Leopard Shows Cub How to Take Down a Python [VIDEO]

Even though this python may be upwards of ten feet long, it is no match for a mama leopard showing her cub how to hunt. 

Big cats are savvy hunters. Going up against a python is just another day in the life of a leopard.

A mama leopard shows her cub how to take down a python.

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The mama leopard is cautious as the python snaps at her. The cub looks on and takes mental notes as the mama slowly waits for the python to try to slither away.

She then attacks the base of the python’s neck, scooping it with her paw into those deadly jaws.

It’s almost like a little house cat batting a live toy until you see her tear it apart. Then you are reminded that the wild can be a dangerous place.

If you didn’t catch it the first time, the video helpfully breaks down the attack in slow motion.



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Mama Leopard Shows Cub How to Take Down a Python [VIDEO]