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Where Mama Leads, Grizzly Bear Cubs Will Follow [VIDEO]

A mother bear leads her two grizzly bear cubs across Yellowstone River to dine on a bison carcass.

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is still one of the best places to see wild bears in their natural environment.

With all the difficult news surrounding the park and grizzly bears these days, it’s good to see these animals thriving and living peacefully.

Bear cubs are maybe one of the sweetest symbols of our childhood. I’m pretty sure we all had at least one stuffed teddy bear as kids!

However, when grizzly bears and humans mix, it’s a completely different story. The situation can become deadly when a human encounters a mama bear with cubs.

Issues with these beautiful animals usually occur when people find themselves in bear country, not the other way around.

When visiting one of our stunning national parks, please inform yourself of the rules surrounding bears and obey them. Both grizzlies and humans will be better off for it!

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Where Mama Leads, Grizzly Bear Cubs Will Follow [VIDEO]